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 Danger of Imminent Eviction in Sheikh Jarrah

Israel’s Enforcement and Collection Authority recently notified the Shamasne family that it must evacuate its home in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah by August 9. If the family does not comply with this order, it will be forcibly evicted. The family has exhuasted the legal means to prevent its eviction.

If this eviction is carried out, it will be the first to take place in the neighborhood since 2009, when evictions of several Palestinian families led to widespread public and international protests. In Sheikh Jarrah there are dozens of Palestinian families under threat of eviction by state-backed settler organisations.

For more details on the Shamasne family, see Ir Amim’s alert from August 2013.

The ending of the suspension of evictions in Sheikh Jarrah comes together with the promotion – after several years of freeze - of 4 masterplans for settler compounds in the neighborhood, two of which involve eviction of Palestinian families. For details, see Ir Amim’s alert  from July 3.

This alert was written by Ir Amim Researcher Aviv Tatarsky.

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