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 Shana Tova, but did you know that “shana” has two meanings?
Dear friends,
This is the time of year we wish each other Shana Tova, Happy New Year. Actually, the root of the Hebrew word "shana" has two meanings that seem to contradict one another. The first, shinun means to memorize, to repeat the same thing over and over again. The second, shinui means to change, ideally to improve.
This year, when we wish ourselves and those around us “shana tova” - let us thus think about our ability to preserve and deepen that which worthy and right for us in our lives, but also our ability to change what needs to be corrected and improved.
Your support and partnership makes it possible for us here at Leo Baeck to deepen our educational work promoting humanistic values whilst simultaneously enabling us to change our society for the better, and to strive for more pluralism and social equality for the tens of thousands of children, adults, students and parents from all walks of life in Israel who we impact. And for this, I thank you.
Shana Tova,
Rabbi Ofek Meir
General Manager
Shofar passed down to us by
Rabbi Samuels z”l
held by Rabbi Dafni-Kellen with
Rabbi Ofek Meir

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