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 UPDATE: Police Raids of Al-Issawiya Continue to Stoke Tensions & Disrupt Daily Life

August 21, 2019

Sustained hostile police incursions into Al-Issawiya have continued now for two and half months, severely disrupting daily life and creating intolerable conditions for area residents. Although the police expressed intent to halt the raids particularly over last week’s holiday of Eid-al Adha, the operations on the ground only intensified, precluding the residents from celebrating their holiday in peace.

Over the course of the past two and half months, the police have effectively imposed a perpetual state of collective punishment on the entire neighborhood, marked by nightly police raids, severe limitations on movement, and clashes with residents. Hundreds of people have been arbitrarily detained, while an estimated 250 have been injured as a result of the police’s use of excessive force, which already claimed the life of one young man.

There is increasing alarm that the recurring hostilities are liable to claim more lives.

The concerted punitive measures arbitrarily directed at the entire community of Al Issawiya must be immediately brought to an end in an effort to restore calm to the neighborhood and allow the residents to live free from the threat of constant harassment and inexplicable police targeting.


Please address all inquiries to:

Amy Cohen

Director of International Relations & Advocacy

Ir Amim (City of Nations/City of Peoples)


Tel – 054-673-1231


Website: http://www.ir-amim.org.il/en



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