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 Har Homa E Master Plan Approved at District Committee

The District Committee approved yesterday the plan for a new settlement Har Homa E with a scope of 2,200 (TPS 15399).

Since it is a master plan its approval does not include depositing for public objections and yesterday's decision is the final approval of the plan. Master plans do not enable issuing of building permits which can happen only after detailed outline plans are approved. One such plan for 500 housing units at the northwest part of Har Homa E (TPS 285411) is being advanced at the planning committees.

For a full analysis of the implications of the Har Homa E plan which is adjacent to GIvat Hamatos (both shown in red in the southern part of the map below) and an update of the status of the Givat Hamatos tender and the outline plans in the E1 area please see Ir Amim's alert from yesterday.


Please address all inquiries to Ir amim Researcher Aviv Tatarsky:

*Please note that Amy Cohen, Ir Amim’s Director of International Relations and Advocacy, is currently on maternity leave.


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