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 Sheikh Jarrah Eviction Update: Shamnaseh Family Loses Supreme Court Case
Today, the Supreme Court rejected the Shamnaseh family’s appeal against an eviction order from the General Custodian, concluding a several year legal battle to maintain their home in Sheikh Jarrah.  The 10 member family, composed of three generations, has now exhausted all legal channels in fighting to save the home in which they have resided since 1964. 

While the case has been officially handled by the General Custodian (responsible for overseeing the disposition of property determined to be under Jewish ownership prior to 1948), the driving force in the case has been Arieh King, a leader in the movement to establish settlements in East Jerusalem—particularly in the Historic Basin—who is now running for the Jerusalem City Council.  The General Custodian remained active in the case despite having identified the Jewish heirs of the property and completing the technical process required to release the property from under its purview.  The appellants’ lawyer claimed that the General Custodian had exceeded its authority to act by formally submitting the demand for the family's eviction to the Court. 

In the last action prior to today’s decision, a year and a half ago, the District Court rejected the family’s claim of protected tenancy. 
The Supreme Court judges acting today maintained that they were making their decision with “heavy heart”.  In order "to minimize damage to the  family", the Court permitted the family a year and a half to evacuate the premises, though they will no longer have recourse to legal channels to prevent the eventual eviction.

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