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 Passover Newsletter Leo Baeck Education Center, April 2017

Following in the Footsteps of Rabbi Dr. Leo Baeck and the Kindertransports
In March thirteen Leo Baeck high school students traveled to London for an exciting and emotional study tour to mark the 60th anniversary of the death of Rabbi Dr. Leo Baeck, in whose honor our school is named, and to follow in the footsteps of the Kindertransport stories. The idea of this journey was conceived by Leo Baeck high school student Aner Reiner and Dr. Ruth Ash, history teacher and head of our learning center, as a natural complement to a school project on the Kindertransports that began last year. After receiving the blessing of Dani Fesler, Managing Director of the Leo Baeck Education Center, the delegation departed, accompanied Dr. Ash and another teacher, Meital Cohen. [Read more]

Bringing History to Life: An Alternative Tour of Berlin
As part of their 20th century history studies, Leo Baeck high school students learn about Germany Jewry before, during, and after the Holocaust, the totalitarian government, and its results during the Cold War. In this unique program, students prepare research papers, Wikipedia articles, and this year, as a culmination and completion of this learning process, 26 students participated in an alternative tour of Berlin during the Purim holiday in March. [Read more]

Project Understanding – 17th Annual Delegation Visits Leo Baeck
In February the Leo Baeck Education Center hosted the 17th annual Project Understanding delegation of 12 Jewish and Catholic youth from the United States. The yearly delegation tour of Israel, which include visits to various holy sites and the Leo Baeck Education Center, is the culmination of a series of interfaith activities designed to promote understanding and respect for similarities and differences in various cultures. In Haifa, the students met with 12 Leo Baeck High School students in a workshop aimed at getting to know each other's cultures and generating friendship. Rabbi Gabby Dagan, senior rabbi of Leo Baeck's Ohel Avraham Synagogue addressed the group on the subject of religion and cultural identity. The late Monsignor Thomas Hartman (popularly known as one-half of the "God Squad") and Roger Tilles, past president of Temple Beth-El of Great Neck, NY, created Project Understanding in 1990.

The Power of Debate – Leo Baeck High School Students Participate in TIMEMUN
Leo Baeck 12th grader Noa Widmann, 11th grader Or Lauterbach-Goren, and 12th graders Lottem Arava and Dana Shtainberg, participated in The Israel Middle East Model United Nations (TIMEMUN), a student-led international model debate conference simulating the United Nations, now in its 16th year, held at the Walworth Barbour American International School in February. [Read more]

Rabbi Aaron Goldstein – New Chair of the Friends of Leo Baeck Haifa in the U.K.
We are pleased to announce that Rabbi Aaron Goldstein, Senior Rabbi of Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue, recently agreed to serve as Chair of the Trustees of the Friends of Leo Baeck Haifa charity in the U.K. Rabbi Goldstein visited the Leo Baeck Education Center on March 27th and met with our UK relations staff. We are certain that his leadership and enthusiasm will help strengthen and deepen our connection with U.K. congregations and communities.

Good Deeds Day – 2017
Dozens of volunteers from the Clore Shared Existence Center's Community Garden, staff and students from the University of Haifa's School of Marine Studies, teachers and students from various Jewish and Arab Haifa schools, offered their time and good will on Good Deeds Day in March to clean and beautify the Duchifat Observation Point of the Community Garden and the adjacent Ein Hayam Trail.  The Ein Hayam Trail and Community Garden project, initiated by the Leo Baeck Education Center and its Community Center in the multicultural Haifa neighborhood of Ein Hayam, joined forces with the University of Haifa's flagship project of community leadership. Hani Elfar, Director of the Clore Center, emphasized that the "Community Garden is an important tool that imparts the message of tolerance and cooperation."

Do-it-Yourself - Woman Power
On March 27th Leo Baeck's Community Center hosted a workshop at the Ruth Center to acquaint women with basic home renovation tools and gain practical experience by installing a shelf.

From Ashes to Action - Reviving Haifa after the Fires
The aftermath of the devastating fires that raged through Haifa in November 2016 generated two heartwarming community projects. "Human Warmth" an exhibit of photographs documenting the fires and efforts to overcome them, taken by local Jewish and Arab photographers, opened in January 2017 and was on display in the lobby of the Leo Baeck High School. The exhibit was jointly sponsored by the New Israel Fund, Shatil, Mossawa Center, and the Leo Baeck Education Center.
A "Planting Hope" ceremony, organized by the Haifa Municipality and the Leo Baeck Education Center, took place in February in Daniel Park with the participation of Mr. Andrew Dilbert, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv. Participants in the event planted trees in areas where the foliage was destroyed by the fire.

Holocaust Memorial Day – April 2017
At the end of April, the Leo Baeck Education Center will host several gatherings with Holocaust survivors and Second Generation children of survivors who will give testimonies of their childhood during and after the Holocaust. The gatherings are open to the public with prior registration.

Our Recent Visitors
  • Delegation from Temple B'nai Abraham, Livingston, New Jersey, led by Rabbi Clifford Kulwin.
  • Delegation from Temple Etz Haim, Lombard, Illinois, led by Rabbi Emeritus Steven Bob.
  • Emanu-El School students from Sydney, Australia.
Judy Weleminsky, Chair of the Israel Committee, Wimbledon Synagogue, London, U.K.
Alan Banes, former solicitor of the Liberal Jewish movement in the U.K.
  • Rabbi Aaron Goldstein, Senior Rabbi of Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue and Chair of the Friends of Leo Baeck Haifa charity in the U.K. (2nd from right)
  • German delegation led by Pastor Friedheim Kober (standing at right).

To find out more about projects and activities at the Leo Baeck Education Center and how you can support us, please contact tel. +972-4-8300571 or dia@leobaeck.org.il
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